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The Medium vs. The Message, in eLearning

April 5, 2012

A recent e-learning post on Linked-In shows people fixated on what software to use to create training programs. Only one person weighed in with — what I consider — the most important point: Think less about the tool and more about the project.

Almost any project can be built with almost any e-learning software tool. Sure, if you need to integrate video and a lot of interactivity, some tools handle those things better than others. But it’s not impossible to incorporate them in most training software applications. And since most are PowerPoint-based, a whole lot depends on your skills with that software.

The hardest thing to do in any e-learning project is build in excitement. So how to decide on software? Stay focused on what you want to teach. Get the content right. Ask yourself how best to engage learners, and how to measure effectiveness. The answers to these questions will bring your e-learning content, software, delivery system and measurement tools into proper alignment.